Turku Apprenticeship Office

Turku Apprenticeship Office provides apprenticeship services for the Turku commuting area with over 1,000 business clients.

Turku Apprenticeship Office is a leading provider of apprenticeship services in Southwest Finland. We are widely respected in the Finnish apprenticeship sector. Our office was granted a mention of honour in the Quality Excellence Competition by Finnish National Board of Education both 2006 and 2011.

Turku Apprenticeship Office runs annually approximately 2,400 apprenticeships. We enable the completion of a wide variety of different vocational qualifications. With an extensive network of educational institutions, we are able to meet the varying needs of businesses in the region. More than 150 qualifications are covered by valid apprenticeships every year.

The core idea behind our operations is to spread the knowledge of apprenticeship training to businesses and potential students. We arrange and coordinate apprenticeship agreements flexibly and from a customer-oriented focus. Turku Apprenticeship Office employs 10 members of staff. The staff includes training co-ordinators and apprenticeship secretaries from different fields.

Our staff actively participates in the development of apprenticeship training. Turku Apprenticeship Office organises regular meetings “First-aid Kits”, for workplace instructors. Since 2008, some 1,600 workplace instructors have attended these meetings.

Mobility activities are highly valued by us and our customers. We aim to provide all our students an opportunity of international on-the-job learning period and the added value it gives. The exchange periods are made possible by Erasmus + funding.

Turku Apprenticeship Office has partners in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Spain
  • Netherlands

Mobility activities have been ongoing since the year 2009. Apprentices travel mostly to Germany, Netherlands, France and Spain. On-the-job learning periods normally last approximately 4 weeks. In Finland apprenticeship training and mobility activities are also available for entrepreneurs. They are provided 2-week mobility periods aiming to refresh their business ideas.

Turku Apprenticeship Office also receives several apprentices from abroad coming mainly from France and Germany. They spend their 2–5-week periods in small enterprises in the Turku region. Both companies and apprentices have given good feedback on these internships. In the near future we are planning bilateral apprenticeship exchanges between Finnish and foreign companies to serve our clients even better.